Elden Ring: Why Does Blaidd Attack You? (Detailed Answer)

Are you in shock about Why Does Blaidd Attack You? There are many NPCs in Elden Ring’s The Lands Between, some helpful and some less so, but none of their endings is more tragic than Blaidd’s, Ranni the witch’s devoted shadow. In the course of the player’s adventures, FromSoftware’s games frequently include a variety of NPCs.

Some of these NPCs assist the player or act as merchants, while others can be summoned to help the player battle bosses or challenging terrain. Elden Ring, a familiar face from Dark Souls, is one of the less admirable characters that aims to deceive the player or put them in a difficult situation.

Why Does Blaidd Attack You?

Elden Ring’s NPCs share the trait of being motivated primarily by self-interest, though not always. NPCs like Sorceress Sellen may provide the player assistance, but they primarily do so in order to further their own interests or goals. Elden Ring also takes great delight in putting an end to those NPCs’ questlines if they commit mistakes, often by killing them or worse.

Even persons the player may have traveled with and grown attached to could abruptly change and show their true colours to the Tarnished, such as Melina, the player’s very own unofficial finger maiden, who planned to set Elden Ring’s Erdtree on fire.

Blaidd is one such character that many players will wind up meeting very early on, as he is introduced in the Mistwood Ruins, which is located in Limgrave’s starting region. Players can learn more about the enormous swordsman after doing some research, although he is more important to the events involving the witch and Princess Ranni and her extensive questline.

Players learn that Blaidd is the witch’s servant and is referred to as her shadow. Blaidd, who was given to the princess as a gift by the Two Fingers, has pledged to carry out the instructions of his master, who will initially order him to infiltrate Elden Ring’s Eternal City Nokron.

Answered: Why Does Blaidd Attack You?

Well here are a few possible reasons about Why Does Blaidd Attack You in Elden Ring!

  1. You attacked Blaidd, making him hostile.
  2. After you completed Ranni’s quest path, Blaidd became hostile.
  3. Before encountering him, you killed one of the Runebears.

For Elden Ring Players:

Gameplay Review:

The opening to this starting location accomplishes what all open-world games want to achieve: it offers a beautiful, enthralling picture of possibilities and wonder. Elden Ring’s bonfires, known as A Grace Points, beckon with their whirling golden light. The terrain is rolling upwards, there are several temptingly close landmarks, and the first potential boss encounter is idly galloping about not too far away. It turns out that what you can see in front of you is only a small portion of what this world has to offer.

For the first ten hours, I didn’t really leave Limgrave, but I was finding new dungeons, dragons, hidden places, unexpected boss fights, and learning more about the history of the realm I was in. Then, when I repeatedly braved the way to Margit’s first real test, The Fell Omen, but with a definite intention to move on, I discovered that my thirst for knowledge and insight led me to eventually defeat that haughty bastard.

After that, it was hour after hour of finding new things, defeating new enemies, getting new weapons, and visiting new sights. Elden Ring motivates its task with the thrilling possibilities of the unknown, then conquering what is discovered, more than any other From Software game before it.

There is some advice, a very From Software sort where some Grace Points have an aura that gravitates in one direction to obliquely steer you towards a location of significance. Of course, you don’t have to go in that direction, but it’s at least a small step forward in a vast, frequently overwhelming world.

Oh, there are still a lot of things that serve as a constant reminder that you are a tiny piece of nothing. As usual, your own confidence is the main threat, driving you to confront formidable adversaries who eliminate you before you can think of a single move to make. The necessary sobering reality check creates a resolve to bounce back stronger and do better.

Editor’s Final Thoughts:

These might have been Blaidd’s motivations for attacking you in Elden Ring. We strongly advise you to continue his questline, and if you somehow managed to annoy Blaidd, be prepared for a difficult battle with useful rewards on the other side.

We hope that this article about Why Does Blaidd Attack You has served to clarify any ambiguity surrounding the hostile behaviour of the non-antagonistic NPC and has made you aware of mistakes to avoid in subsequent playthroughs. Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for more guides!

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