Answered: Lost Ark What To Do With The Tournament Champions Plate

We know you have won the champion but wondering Lost Ark What To Do With The Tournament Champions Plate? When someone wins something, they all adore getting a huge, shiny trophy, especially if it is made of real precious metals rather than merely painted plastic. That not only makes it look more significant, but if you needed to, you could also sell it for a profit. One such gleaming trophy can be found in Lost Ark: Tournament Champion’s Plate.

Lost Ark What To Do With The Tournament Champions Plate

How do you use the Tournament Champion’s Plate, and what is it exactly?

Answered: lost ark tournament champions plate us

The Tournament Champion’s Plate is something you should preserve in storage even though Lost Ark won’t tell you anything about it since you never know what the future may bring.

Future Lost Ark updates might include brand-new, high-level gear that can only be crafted with Tournament Champion’s Plates. It’s possible that some tasks will need Tournament Champions Plates to be completed.

There aren’t many conversations on the internet concerning what you should do with the Tournament Champion’s Plate you found while exploring the Lost Ark. You can always sell it to the game’s sellers for 30,000 Silver, as they will value it at that amount.

However, you should be aware that when you check the Tournament Champion’s Plate in your Inventory, it does not display a gold bag sign. That implies that you should trade more than just vendor crap for cash.

Updated Guide upon lost ark tournament champions plate use

Updated: In the South Korean servers, a Season 1 Item Level 260 weapon may be purchased from a vendor NPC by the name of Blacksmith Luolu () in Port City Changhun if you have the Tournament Champion’s Plate. But for the time being, such character is absent from the North American and European servers.

This advice should be useful. Check out our other Lost Ark tutorials as well, including our beginner’s guide once you reach level 50, articles on classes and builds, item descriptions, and hidden story quests. If you have any questions about other Lost Ark problems or know what the Tournament Champion’s Plate is used for, please leave a comment below.

Biggest confusion solved:

The perplexing part is that at the moment, the Tournament Champion’s Plate can only be sold. Bring it to any in-game merchant to exchange it for 30,000 Silver. However, you might want to just keep it for a little while since the game might later provide a more useful use for it.

Blacksmith Luolu is a character in Port City Changhun in the Korean version of Lost Ark, which is a little further advanced in its content development than the western version. He will give you a unique level 260 weapon in exchange for the Tournament Champion’s Plate and some materials.

The western release of the game doesn’t yet feature this NPC, but if the Tournament Champion’s Plate does, it’s a sure bet that he will be included at a later date.

So you should probably just hang onto your Tournament Champion’s Plate for a little bit, unless you’re really strapped for Silver and don’t mind missing out on a cool weapon. A shiny sword, on the other hand, lasts forever whereas some spending money does not.

Where do you get the lost ark tournament champions plate from?

If you win all of your battles in the arena on the continent of Anikka in The Lost Ark, you will be awarded the Tournament Champions Plate (Where is Anikka?). The tablet is automatically stored in your inventory by the game, but you cannot use or examine it there.

It doesn’t seem to be a straightforward sale or a scrap item, though. At the bottom right of the item icon, Lost Ark designates this kind of item with a blue money bag. However, there is no mark on the Tournament Champions Plate. Therefore, it did serve a purpose.

Latest news on lost ark tournament champions

An MMORPG called Lost Ark has a ton of stuff and collectibles. As you complete various objectives, you will amass these various things. You can get the Tournament Champions Plate as one of the rewards for finishing a mission. However, the majority of gamers are not really sure how to use this item. No need to worry; we’ve got instructions on how to use the Tournament Champions Plate in Lost Ark here.

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Editor’s Final Thoughts

We strongly advise against selling it and keeping it since the creators might later incorporate it as an NPC or use it for another purpose. If you don’t want to use your storage space, you can keep it at one of the many storage facilities that are available in all major cities.

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