Week of Thrills and Fun: Phillips Old Home Days Unveils Exciting

Join the jubilation at the 64th Annual Phillips Old Home Days! A week of action-packed events awaits, including sports tournaments, vibrant parades, family-friendly activities, and much more.

Phillips, a quaint town that exudes charm, is about to turn up the excitement as it gears up for the much-anticipated 64th annual Old Home Days celebration. With an array of engaging activities lined up, this year’s festivities are set to leave the whole community buzzing with joy and camaraderie. Let’s dive right into the heart of the action-packed schedule that’s bound to delight one and all!

Saturday, August 12: Kick Off the Extravaganza

The festivities kick off in full swing on Saturday, August 12, as participants can register for the Kickball Tournament at North Franklin Park. Gather your team and get ready for some exhilarating competition at $25 per team. For more details, reach out to Erin Kelley at 265-6145 or Dennifer Searles at 491-3125.

Later in the day, don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for the 1st Annual Adult M&T Memorial Basketball Tournament. The North Franklin Park will be abuzz as hoops enthusiasts gather for this thrilling event. Make sure to be there by 11 am to secure your spot. For inquiries, contact Tanya Morgan at 860-8660.

Sunday, August 13: A Day of Sporting Triumphs

Sunday continues the sporting fervor with the 2nd Annual M&T Children’s Memorial Basketball, Foul Shooting, and Hot Shot Tournament at North Franklin Park. To participate, get in touch with Tanya Morgan at 860-8660.

Volleyball enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Head over to North Franklin Park for the Bill Robichaud Memorial Volleyball Tournament, where teams will spike their way to victory. Sign-ups begin at 11 am, and the action promises to be riveting.

Tuesday, August 15: A Glowing Night for the Kids

Jillian Withee is set to illuminate the Phillips Area Community Center during the Children’s Glow Night. From 5 to 7 pm, kids can revel in glowing games, music, and more. It’s an evening tailor-made for fun and enchantment.

Wednesday, August 16: Laughter and Creativity Unleashed

Children and adults alike are in for a treat as the Phillips Area Community Center hosts a free Ventriloquist show at 3 pm. Laughter will fill the air as these quirky characters take center stage.

Meanwhile, unleash your artistic side at Avon Town Hall’s Paint Night with Nicole. For $30 per person, snacks, bottled water, and a night of artistic expression await. Secure your spot by contacting 207-491-3125 or 207-491-3665.

Thursday, August 17: Flower Power and Delectable Delights

Phillips Library becomes a hub of creativity as the Flower and Photo entries are dropped off. The vibrant flower show boasts categories like Unique and Prettiest/ Most Original to Theme, while the Photo Contest spans Children’s, People, Animals, and more. Inquiries can be directed to 639-2819.

As evening descends, indulge in the Sportsman Club Rib BBQ hosted by Chris and Julie Hardy at their Main Street residence. It’s an opportunity to savor mouthwatering delights that truly capture the essence of Phillips.

Friday, August 18: A Multitude of Experiences

The day commences with the Phillips Historical Society Museum’s Open House, a chance to delve into the town’s rich history. Main Street comes alive with vendors, and the Narrow Gauge Quilter Quilt Show at Phillips Library Annex is a must-visit for craft enthusiasts.

Excitement ramps up as the 1st Annual Phillips Old Home Days Car Show takes the stage. Classic cars take the spotlight on Main Street, accompanied by tantalizing food specials from The Local Bull.

As the sun sets, prepare for a captivating Street Dance experience on Main Street. Courtesy of Edmund’s Market, this promises to be a night of infectious beats and dancing under the stars.

Saturday, August 19: A Day Packed with Thrills

From breakfast with The Sandy River Flying Club to adrenaline-pumping airplane rides, Lindbergh Airport is the place to be. And for a noble cause, join the Eleventh Annual Margie Toothaker Cancer Walk. The community’s spirit shines as donations aid a local resident in their battle against cancer.

Competitions take center stage, with the Annual Lumbering Competition and Paul G Whittemore Road Race providing riveting entertainment. Don’t forget to visit Wonderland at Susy Sanders’ home for endless amusement.

Sunday, August 20: A Grand Finale

The curtain falls on the 64th annual Old Home Days with a burst of activities. From the Chicken Shoot Contest to the Donnie Fournier Memorial Truck Pull, Main Street becomes a hub of celebration. The community bonds further through events like the Bob Parker’s Annual Children’s Parade and the Duck Derby.

But the festivities don’t end here. Check out the upcoming events that will keep the energy high, ensuring the fun extends well beyond Old Home Days.

As Phillips gears up to embrace this vibrant extravaganza, the 64th annual Old Home Days promise a week of laughter, competition, and memories in the making. Mark your calendars and get ready to join the community in this joyous celebration of togetherness.

The celebrations continue long after Old Home Days. From thrilling Northwoods Mud Runs to charming Sandy River Railroad Rides, Phillips stays lively. Don’t miss out on Fall Follies, Fall Foliage Railroad Rides, and even an enchanting Winter Wonderland in December. Stay connected and enjoy the upcoming festivities that keep the spirit of community alive.

So, whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a history buff, or someone looking to create lasting memories, Phillips’ event calendar promises something for everyone. Come, be a part of the excitement that defines this picturesque town throughout the year.

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