The Struggles of Mid Lane Champions in League of Legends

4 out of the 5 most selected champions in the mid lane of League of Legends are facing considerable difficulties in achieving victory.

Conventional wisdom advises against kicking a dog when it’s down, but the players of League of Legends seem oblivious to this advice. Astonishingly, four out of the five most frequently chosen champions in the mid lane are currently exhibiting win rates below the average for this season.

League Patch 13.13 statistics, courtesy of the U.GG tracking site, provide evidence of our inclination to favor familiar characters, regardless of their current dominance in the meta or their subpar performance.

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Among today’s most popular mid lane champions, namely Yasuo, Zed, Katarina, and Yone, their win rates across all ranks are struggling to surpass the mediocre 50 percent threshold. Considering their moderate to high difficulty level, one may question why these champions continue to be chosen, apart from mere familiarity.

The allure lies, in part, in the sheer enjoyment derived from playing them, regardless of victory or defeat.

There exists an intrinsic satisfaction in engaging in battles with these champions and witnessing the instinctive reactions and wasted abilities of the enemy. Furthermore, their kits offer a distinct playstyle that many League players simply find gratifying, irrespective of their rank.

Regrettably, these champions are currently failing to meet expectations within the metagame. To compound matters, Patch 13.10 introduced several item changes that may further jeopardize the positions of Yasuo, Zed, Katarina, and Yone in the meta, although this outcome is not yet confirmed.

In the current Season 13, the dominance of attack damage champions appears to be waning, with ability power-driven spellcasters such as Ahri, Fizz, Veigar, and Malzahar ascending in their stead. These champions are now enjoying more favorable win rates as well.

Perhaps it is time for League players to temporarily set aside these four champions renowned for their attack damage, and focus instead on the possibility of Riot addressing their viability in future updates.

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