List of Stonehearth Similar Games for Android Need to Try in 2023

Radiant Entertainment created the video game Stonehearth, which combines strategy, crafting, building, survival, open world, sandbox, fantasy, and single-player gameplay. RTS, adventure, exploration, and combat components are all included in the game.

It takes place in a fantasy setting and allows the player to control a group of settlers as they explore the game’s environment, gather resources, dig a cave, and engage in battle with enigmatic creatures. In a difficult environment, the player must aid the immigrants and construct homes and elaborate constructions.

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The final goal is to establish a food supply, defend the populace, construct shelters, and figure out how to further develop and grow the empire. Every step of the gameplay can present difficulties for the gamer. Discover the dynamic Artificial Intelligence (AI)-a generated universe that offers the ideal fusion of classic combat and city simulation with building components.

The game is about constructing and managing resources. When the player first begins the game, he must finish easy chores like gathering food, constructing a shelter, and other similar ones in order to advance. Exploration, Fantasy World, Epic Boss Fights, Leveling Up the Shelter, Customization, Build and Grow the City, and other key features are all present in Stonehearth.

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8 Best Ranked List of Stonehearth Similar Games

8. Cubic Castles

Cosmic Cow LLC created and released Cubic Castles, a 3D, building, sandbox, massively multiplayer online, role-playing, adventure, and survival video game. It offers entertaining gameplay in which you can use various objects and cubes to create your own stunning universe. Anything that you may think can be created. Use hats, glasses, clothes, and other items to customize your character.

After that, try to travel throughout the planet to gather resources and find your way (Deserts, Tropical Island, mountains, Arctic Wasteland, and Forest). Each habitat has its own resources, animals, and artifacts to offer. The player must communicate with both other players and items in order to play the game. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the game’s setting.

7. Haven and Hearth

The Slavic and Germanic myths and legends served as inspiration for the addictive, massively multiplayer online, role-playing, sandbox game, Haven and Hearth. The game places the player in control of the protagonist and takes place in a made-up universe.

A player’s actions within the game can fundamentally and permanently alter the environment, making it affectable, interactive, and malleable. The game is set in an Unforgiven setting where the player can wander around to interact with things and earn experience points.

6. Salem

Captivating, loosely-based, massively multiplayer online role-playing, a sandbox computer game called Salem was created by Mortal Moments and released by Paradox Interactive. The game features Lovecraftian and Witchcraft entities and is set in a fantastical seventeenth-century England. It enables them to assume the protagonist’s role and explore the game’s universe. By building and demolishing homes and landscapes, the player can alter the globe while playing the game. It emphasizes building, farming, inventing, and other activities.

By accomplishing chores, gaining experience points, and engaging in battle with enemies, the player must improve character skills. He is capable of taking part in a PvP battle with a permanent death element. The player’s main goals in completing the game are to explore the game world, unravel its mysteries, battle vicious animals, earn points, and unlock new features. Salem is one of the top games when compared to other MMORPGs because of its excellent mechanics, captivating gameplay, and stunning visuals.

5. Wurm Online

Code Club AB created the online video game Wurm Online, which has an open world, sandbox, massively multiplayer setting, role-playing, and browser-based gameplay. The player can select between Player vs Player and Realm versus Realm combat modes in the game. The game emphasizes craftsmanship, construction, exploration, and devastation.

Everything, including the surrounding environment, is artificially created by the player and takes place in a fictional world. The player is guided through the tutorial by the game’s opening stretch of empty terrain. It contains a variety of products and mirror characteristics that can be utilized just once to alter the player’s character’s appearance.

4. Life is Feudal: Your Own

A Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing, Open World, and Survival video game called Life is Feudal: Your Own was created and released by Bitbox Ltd. The game combines single-player, adventure, and sandbox features. It features gameplay that emphasizes exploration, building, and crafting in a medieval setting. The player is free to design his own universe and set of laws.

The player can alter the game’s assets while it is in play to create a custom play style and more. The maximum number of other players and the size of the map is both restrictions on the player. Earn experience points by exploring the game world and affecting it by destroying and rebuilding homes, for example, to improve your skills and powers.

3. Get Off My Lawn!

When aliens awoke Murray Mendelson from his afternoon snooze, first contact didn’t go as planned. Since Murray pulled the gun first, he has been embroiled in a full-scale conflict with these alien invaders, who will do whatever to eliminate him.

Murray must fight to preserve his house against all odds, armed only with his musket and unquenchable wrath. Why only this one house is under attack by the aliens? No one knows! In this never-ending, fast-paced shooter arcade game, shoot first and ask questions later.

2. Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic

Listen! Nearing the end! Hear me, and get ready! A long-forgotten cult has entered our country! They address themselves as “The Sons of Dawn” and offer prayers to a mysterious, old god. All around the nation, they have started to gather supporters for their cause.

I worry that they are attempting to awaken something that ought to be dormant. Something ominous and hazardous! something that could endanger all of us. Make the most of your final days. Discover the world of PIXEL HEROES and get ready for an exciting game.

1. One Deck Dungeon

Adventure beckons, but you can’t always spend hours perfecting your character sheet or keeping track of your goods. With One Deck Dungeon, you can start slamming doors, tossing dice, and killing enemies in style right now.

Learn how to play a roguelike game with just a deck of cards and a few dice, down to its bare essentials! A dungeon-crawling adventure game for one or two players is called One Deck Dungeon. Pick one or two of these 5 brave heroes each time you play.

Editor’s Final Thoughts:

The list of games that are comparable to Stonehearth is now complete. You might end up enjoying all of these games or just a chosen few because they all have various city-building features. But if you’re interested in playing additional games, we recommend reading up on our list of the best sandbox games, including Minecraft, which also features a city-building component.

Please share with us your preferred Stonehearth substitute, though. Do you know of any further games we ought to include? Post your suggestions in the section below! That was our take on Stonehearth Similar Games! Stay tuned for more updates.



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