Solved: How to Get To Lyndell Catacombs (Updated 2022)

The variety of play styles accessible to use is one of the many delights Elden Ring enthusiasts have with the game. The Blood Loss Build is one of the more well-liked builds, particularly with Elden Ring PvP. This focuses on employing particular gear that grants foes the Bleed status, causing more damage over time.

One of the numerous dungeons in Elden Ring is the Lyndell Catacombs. For many players, this location in the game might be difficult to explore and locate, which is why we have the perfect guide for you. Here, we’ll go over every step involved in reaching the Lyndell Catacombs in Elden Ring.

How to Get To Lyndell Catacombs:

The Lord Of Blood’s Exultation Talisman is a must-have item for any gamer looking to create the ideal Blood Loss build in Elden Ring. After crossing the Leyndell sewers, one can find this accessory item in the catacombs.

The underground journey to Leyndell is already a challenging tangle. Sadly, in order to unlock the main boss door in the Leyndell Catacombs, players will need to go through another perplexing maze. So here’s how to sneak inside Leyndell Catacombs for Elden Ring lovers who want to get their hands on this important talisman.

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Answered Step by Step

  1. You must pass through the Leyndell sewers in order to reach the catacombs. From the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace, descend the stairs, make a left, and descend onto the roofs below. Then, to the north, across the courtyard, and to the right of a demolished structure, there will be a well. You can get to a locking metal gate by jumping down or climbing the ladder. The Dung Eater at the Table of Lost Grace hub can give you the Sewer-Gaol Key, which you’ll require.
  2. You can only get this key from the Dung Eater if you already have the Seedbed Curse. While a number of these items are dispersed across Leyndell, the simplest way to acquire them is to enter the city by the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace, ascend the stairwell, proceed up the stairwell, and then loot the corpse positioned on the chair in the middle.
  3. With the Seedbed Curse and Sewer-Gaol Key, open the metal gate at the bottom of the well, go down the stairs, and then follow the river into a room with six small Rats. To the southeast are two double doors. On the left side of the corridor, after dropping down the cliff, is the Underground Roadside Site of Grace.
  4. Reach the room with the enormous pipes and the Fanged Imps patrolling it by descending the stairwell to the southeast. To partially open a shortcut and lower the metal gate, pull the lever to the right. After passing the wooden platform, proceed along the other side of the room and up the stairs that are there. Walk backwards and down to the pipe underneath the wooden platform. When you reach the lowest level, you’ll find a wet area with two Giant Lobsters. Hurry to the southeast where a brazier points to a wall hole. Straight up the southwest lift will take you to the top, where you will battle resurfacing ghost troops.
  5. The shortcut between the Catacombs and the Underground Roadside Site of Grace is now complete. Continue along the walk up the steps to a lever that will unlock a right-hand passageway that will take you up through the floor. Once again, ascend the steps, then use the elevator to descend to the Leyndell Catacombs Site of Grace.

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Features of the gameplay:

Similar to other souls games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro, each of these games still uses the same basic combat mechanics but adds its own own twist to the gameplay to make it a little more immersive and true to the lore. Bloodborne features period-appropriate melee weapons and firearms, Dark Souls offers a wide variety of spells and weapons, while Sekiro offers blessings and augments that temporarily increase your damage output.

Some new fighting manoeuvres for Elden Ring have been introduced as sort of a quality-of-life feature. The ability to employ jumping strikes to narrow the gap between you and the enemy rather than rolling away and then racing up to it for a hit is one such improvement that is a godsend for all souls gamers. I found this to be a pleasant feature because it allowed me to deliver decent damage to adversaries without having to worry about them being ready to attack when I approached slowly.

Editor’s Final Thoughts:

There is no other souls game that I can think of that can top Elden Ring, and I cannot recommend this game enough. With such a fantastic story written by one of the greatest series of novels of all time teaming up with a great director of past souls titles, a fantastic musical score that amplifies the atmosphere of the world of the Land Between. One of the finest souls experiences I’ve had in a long time, and I eagerly anticipate every second of my upcoming playing.

Stay tuned for more games!

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