Best Guide: How To Get Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker (Updated 2023)

We have created the easiest guide to How To Get Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker! For tasks to be completed or rewards to be earned, you must continuously click or tap the screen in the clicking (or tapping) game Cookie Clicker for Android and Windows.

To make cookies in this game, you must first click on the cookie. Once accumulated sufficient amounts, you can purchase buildings from the store to help automate the cookie-baking process.

Your ability to increase the number of cookies your bakery can create per second will depend on how many buildings you have in your fleet. This will help you buy more buildings.

But once you begin purchasing upscale structures and your bakery starts producing a big volume of cookies, the game becomes incredibly addicting. One problem, though, is that preparing all of these cookies takes a lot of time and effort in the beginning.

However, you don’t need to worry because we are sharing with you working cheats and hacks for Android and PC that answers How To Get Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker, allowing you to buy buildings or upgrade existing ones to produce even more delicious cookies and begin ruling the universe.

Answered: How To Get Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker

You’ll see a white seed-like circle beneath the Stats button once you’ve cooked at least one billion cookies. That will serve as your “plant” for sugar cubes, which will occasionally generate some cubes for you to harvest when the time is right. You must click on it when it is ready to be harvested, or when it is mature. The ripe crop will, however, provide you a 50% chance of dropping a clod, so keep that in mind. If the game does not save after harvesting, you will need to reload the Cookie Clicker browser window to try an unsuccessful harvest.

There are five different varieties of sugar cubes, each with unique values, aesthetics, and special effects.

  • A lump will form when the typical sugar is harvested.
  • There is a 50% probability that the forked sugar will give two.
  • The browned sugar may provide up to three
  • Golden sugar ones can double and give between two and seven.

It will take a sugar cube about 20 actual hours after planting it to ripen, or 43 hours for it to mature.

Bonus: Best ‘Cookie Clicker’ Strategy Guide

How To Get Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker


1. Return on Investment (ROI)


Consider the “Return on Investment (ROI)” starting point. This phrase is frequently used to obtain multiple returns on investments in both the virtual and physical worlds. The same rule can be used in this game.

It’s because you’re investing in cookies to make cookies. the justification for the name “Return on Investment.” If you have 1000 cookies and the following financial possibilities, you can think about them. There is only one to decide, after all.

With 800 cookies, you can get two grandmas who can bake 20 cookies every second.


2. Develop a definite plan of action

You must now quickly choose your favorite strategy for playing this game. There is just one course of action: either play the game and earn the cookies, or quit. Hence, developing a firm approach is crucial.

3. Accomplishments


whenever you play this game and reach the desired point total. You will receive milk as a reward. Your bonus for the cookie percentage will increase by this amount.

The more points you earn, the more achievements you’ll be able to unlock. Below are further details on the accomplishments.

4. Increase the status

Whenever you reach the desired


level, you can always enhance your prestige. Your money from cookies will automatically increase as the prestige is raised or upgraded. As a result, you can give it a try.

5. Avoid farms because the grandmothers are wonderful.

You always have a choice, but in our opinion, grandmas are the best. When you keep playing this game after selecting grandma for 800 cookies, you will eventually benefit.

6. It’s Essential to Upgrade

The more levels you reach, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn more cookies and make more money from selling cookies.


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Tips & Tricks: List of Hidden Achievements in Cookie Clicker

How To Get Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker
How To Get Sugar Lumps in Cookie Clicker
  • Cookie Dunk: Almost impossible to perform a cookie dunk in the Steam version of the game. The Big Cookie had to be submerged in the achievement milk to unlock it in the browser version, but as the Big Cookie shrinks as the window does, this is not possible here. I anticipate a patch to cure this problem soon! Keep it in the back of your mind for the time being.
  • Small cookie: The top three stats in the Stats box have a tiny cookie embedded in the text. Tap on them.
  • What’s in a name: Renaming your bakery is rather easy, and chances are you’ve already done it.
  • Here it is: Choose the achievement’s slot by clicking it. It is located exactly across from the What’s in a Name accomplishment.
  • Addiction to tabloids: Use your cookie-clicking abilities for something more essential by repeatedly clicking the news ticker.
  • Olden Days: There is a little bottom-right clickable at the bottom of the Info pane. Ignore it and go on. You don’t necessarily need to click it if you don’t want to. It’s just lounging about, minding its own business. Did you disrupt it? What type of person are you? There is nothing to be gained by being a harsh, ignorant person and upsetting the serenity in this area. Unbelievable.

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