Game Obu Familia Family Senki Raw: A Detailed Review

Game Obu Familia Family Senki Raw is a Japanese adult visual novel that was first released in 2021.

With its engaging storylines and stunning artwork, it has quickly become a popular title among fans of the genre.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into what makes this game so compelling.

Overview and Story

Game Obu Familia Family Senki Raw centers around the main character, Kizuna Hida, who possesses a mysterious power that allows him to strengthen others through perverted actions. The story follows Kizuna as he uses this power to help heroines from other worlds fight against enemies invading Earth.

There are multiple story routes and endings based on the choices the player makes throughout the game. The plot contains elements of comedy, romance, drama and of course, ecchi content. Overall, the story is well-written and does a good job keeping players engaged across multiple playthroughs.

Gameplay and Mechanics

As an visual novel, the bulk of the gameplay revolves around reading dialog and progressing through the story. There are branching narrative paths and multiple endings based on player choices. The game also features minigames that test reflexes and rhythm.

One of the main mechanics is the “Eros System” which allows Kizuna to power up the heroines through intimate, erotic interactions. Managing these lewd power ups is key to being successful in battles. The game also has collectible CG artwork that is unlocked as you progress through the story.

Overall, the gameplay is fairly straightforward, allowing the storytelling and characters to take center stage.

Art Style and Soundtrack

The artwork in Game Obu Familia Family Senki Raw is beautifully rendered in an anime style. Characters are designed to be visually appealing with intricate details in their outfits and expressions. The CG scenes are creatively composed to be tantalizing.

The soundtrack complements the narrative with a mix of upbeat, dramatic and romantic songs. The voice acting is also well-done, breathing life into the personalities of the heroines. Sound effects like wind, explosions and moans add immersion to the experience.

Adult Content

As an eroge title, Game Obu Familia Family Senki Raw contains a significant amount of adult content. The sexual depictions range from flirtatious dialogue to full nudity and sexual intercourse. Most of the erotic scenes occur when Kizuna powers up the heroines using his special ability.

The game earns its mature rating with graphic visualization and voice acting during these lewd encounters. While frequent, the adult content is integrated into the narrative meaningfully and not overly gratuitous. The ecchi elements may not appeal to all audiences but for players seeking an eroge, this game certainly delivers.

Pros and Cons


  • Engaging story with interesting characters
  • Beautiful artwork and CG scenes
  • Multiple story paths and endings
  • Creative and well-executed erotic content


  • Plot can feel convoluted at times
  • Some repetitious dialog
  • Adult content may not appeal to all gamers


Game Obu Familia Family Senki Raw offers an entertaining erotic visual novel experience for players looking for humor, romance and sensual fantasy fulfillment. With great artwork, voice acting and eroge mechanics, it provides solid value for fans of the genre. While the plot could be tighter in areas, the well-crafted erotic content adds spice to the narrative. Overall, this ecchi title delivers an immersive adult gaming experience worth checking out for the right audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the gameplay like in Game Obu Familia Family Senki Raw?

The gameplay follows the standard visual novel style with dialog choices, narrative branching paths and story endings. It also incorporates ecchi-themed minigames with quick time events and rhythm click mechanics.

How graphic is the adult content?

The erotic scenes contain full nudity and explicit sexual acts including intercourse. The visual and audio aspects are very detailed and graphic.

Is the game only available in Japanese?

Yes, Game Obu Familia Family Senki Raw is currently only available in the original Japanese language. An official English localization has not been announced.

Is there romance in the story?

Yes, developing romantic relationships with the heroines through story events and ecchi encounters is a main feature. The routes offer sweet moments amidst the ecchi content.

How long is the game?

Getting through all the story routes and endings can take 25-30 hours. The length provides good value given the game’s eroge nature.

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