Fusion 4 Banilla Games Cheats

Banilla Games’ Fusion 4 is a popular puzzle game for mobile devices. Like any challenging game, players sometimes look for cheats and shortcuts to help them progress. Here are some useful Fusion 4 cheats and tips:

Obtaining Free Powerups

Powerups like rainbow balls and bombs can help you clear levels faster. Here are some ways to get free powerups:

  • Check the daily reward section – you can often find free powerups as daily rewards for logging in.
  • Watch advertisement videos – some free powerups are given when you watch short ads.
  • Connect your game to Facebook – linking your gameaccount gives free basic powerups.
  • Participate in events – sometimes Banilla Games runs events or contests with free powerups as prizes.

Using Color Bomb Effectively

The color bomb powerup clears all tiles of the chosen color. To maximize its effect:

  • Aim for the color that covers most of the board. This will clear the most tiles.
  • Using it on low-count colors like purple wastes the powerup.
  • Combine it with other powerups like wrapped candies for greater impact.

Prioritizing Important Blockers

Some blocks are more disruptive than others. When choosing which to clear first:

  • Clear locked candies blocks early. Unlocking them adds more candies to work with.
  • Remove double-layered icing blocks. These take many moves to clear.
  • Eliminate liquorice swirls quickly. Left alone, they spread across the board.

Making Special Candy Combos

Combining special candies together triggers more powerful effects:

  • Striped + Wrapped candy – Clears an entire row or column.
  • Striped + Striped – Clears two lines at once.
  • Wrapped + Wrapped – Clears a 3×3 area.
  • Color bomb + any special – Clears all tiles of that special’s color.

Using Boosters Sparingly

Boosters like extra moves and destroying hammer help pass tricky levels. Some tips on using them:

  • Use only when really necessary. Wasting boosters now means having fewer for later, harder levels.
  • Extra time boosters are useful when running out of moves. But don’t use if there are many moves left.
  • Try to combine boosters with powerups for maximum impact.

Taking Advantage of Daily Events

Banilla Games runs daily events with special conditions. Adapt your playstyle to maximize these:

  • Color bomb frenzy – Make and combine color bombs. Matching any candies yields color bombs.
  • Special candy party – Creating special candies provides huge point bonuses. Prioritize making them.
  • Bubble gum day – Popping bubblegum gives free boosters. Aim to pop them.

Common Fusion 4 FAQs

How do I earn coins quickly?

  • Complete levels and clear missions to earn coins as rewards.
  • Aim for 3-star ratings on levels to get the maximum coins.
  • Take part in daily events like the Treasure Cave for coin bonuses.
  • Watch video ads – some provide coin rewards.

Why won’t jelly levels finish?

  • Clear all jelly squares, not just the main one. The level finishes when all jellies are gone.
  • Check under cake bombs and liquorice swirls. Jellies often hide under them.

How do I get past hard blocker levels?

  • Make special candies like wrapped candies and striped candies. Their effects break through multiple blockers at once.
  • Combine boosters like the hammer with special candies to clear out huge blocker sections quickly.

What causes the game to freeze/crash?

  • Having too many background apps running strains device memory leading to freezing. Close other apps while playing.
  • An unstable internet connection can also interrupt the game. Switch to a more reliable WiFi/mobile data connection.

Pros and Cons of Fusion 4 Cheats


  • Make progressing through the game easier and faster.
  • Help tackle particularly challenging levels or blockers.
  • Provide satisfaction of beating stuck levels.


  • Can ruin the challenge and satisfaction of completing levels with your own skill.
  • Often temporary shortcuts, rather than improving your overall playing strategy.
  • Overuse can lead to boredom or lack of motivation to play legitimately.

So in summary, Fusion 4 cheats can be useful but should be used in moderation to enhance enjoyment of the game rather than replace it entirely. Focusing on improving special candy strategies and efficient blocker prioritization will help overcome levels with your own skill.

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