ONLY Guide you’ll ever need (with Location): FH5 Horizon Tour Mural

Finding the legendary FH5 Horizon Tour Mural? Look for the Forza Horizon 5 lion mural at Playa Azul, since you may need it to complete the occasional challenge and earn rewards. Even though the eye-catching painting by real-life artist Farid Rueda occupies practically the whole wall of a building in Playa Azul, you can easily drive by it in Forza Horizon 5 due to the game’s high top speeds. We’ve got all the details about where to find the Forza Horizon 5 Playa Azul lion mural below.

FH5 Horizon Tour Mural

Mexico appears as a variety of murals in FH5 Horizon Tour Mural. Several of these murals must be located in order to complete certain Accolades and Playlist challenges. One such mural is the Horizon Tour Mural, which may be a little tricky to discover due to its location. So where can you find the Horizon Tour Mural in Forza Horizon 5? Let’s take a closer look at what we have.

There have been several racing games released at console launches, but no Forza Motorsport titles. Do not misunderstand me; I enjoy rocksliding around ridiculous tracks to Japanese techno tunes. Simply put, as a fan of racing, I’ll eventually want more.

A new Forza game would be like a dry-aged cowboy steak, broiled medium, topped with butter, and grilled onions, as opposed to your normal launch racer, which might be a great fast food hamburger. I desire more. I’m looking for something substantial. I want to eat something that will make me stuffed, fulfilled, and content.

Location and Updated Guide

On the east coast of Mexico’s map, in the seaside town of Playa Azul, lies the Farid Rueda lion mural. Take the road through the town that is the furthest east on the map. Look for a light-blue building on your left that should have a huge, multicoloured lion face on it if you’re travelling north along the road with the beach and some residences on your right. Just past a small curve in the road is where it is. To determine where to drive first in Forza Horizon 5, you can use Drone Mode to survey the region a little. You can also read about some of our other Forza Horizon 5 tips.

When you’ve located the FH5 Horizon Tour Mural, pull your Jaguar into position in front of it, then press up on the D-Pad on an Xbox Controller to activate photo mode. If you want to really show off your in-game photography abilities, focus more on getting your car and the mural in the picture frame rather than worrying about how it looks. The Herding Cats Photo Challenge requirements are displayed on the Horizon Promo screen after you press RB to take a quick promo picture. If you can provide the required photo, you’ll receive a gold stamp and the Cat Meow horn for your vehicle.

We used the Jaguar Sport XJR-15, one of the Forza Horizon 5 Barn Finds, to complete the Herding Cats challenge in Forza Horizon 5, which required players to snap a picture in any Jaguar vehicle in front of this mural. The Island Memories Photo Challenge at the time of writing (the Summer week of Series 10) asks you to take a picture of the Rimac Concept 2 automobile in Playa Azul, albeit you are not required to find the mural to accomplish this; you can do it anywhere in Playa Azul.

Gameplay Review of FH5 Horizon Tour Mural

Driving in FH5 Horizon Tour Mural feels better than ever. While Turn 10 should be praised for their ongoing efforts to make driving more realistic, the Xbox One controller also deserves recognition. The new trigger buttons, with their smooth throw and softened end strike, are a game-changer. It’s really simple to feel fully tuned into the game’s acceleration and braking because of how smooth their movement is.

These triggers’ haptic feedback motors allow you to feel when your tyres are slipping or when you’re pressing too hard on the gas pedal. Never before have I felt more a part of the digital highway.

After driving your initial vehicle a few times, you’ll be given free reign to take on Forza 5’s league offerings and can participate in any event you like. This time around, there isn’t a progression to follow, so feel free to explore and play whatever catches your attention. Mostly free, that is.

Depending on how many credits you have, you may have to advance to some races. You shouldn’t anticipate being able to transition from D-class contests to a league that uses exotic vehicles. For any of the suggested vehicles, such as the Aston Martin One-77, you won’t have nearly enough credit (which costs 2,051,300 credits).

Editor’s Final Thoughts:

However, what really counts is the racing at the end of the day. The racing in this game is outstanding, and Turn 10 has hit on something with this Drivatar stuff. By itself, it elevates Forza Motorsport 5 above all other racing games and advances the genre. The major issue with racing games’ programmed AI cars has been solved.

Stay tuned for more guides.

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