Location: FF14 Island Sanctuary Clam Gathering Guide

We know you are eagerly waiting for the FF14 Island Sanctuary Clam Gathering Guide. Along with patch 6.2, a new feature called the Island Sanctuary has been added to Final Fantasy XIV. When it was unveiled last year, people eagerly anticipated it as one of the many ways to unwind away from the battlefield and the MMO game’s epic narrative.

An region designated to a player is called Island Sanctuary. Each of them must develop their own island by constructing structures, raising livestock, tending meadows, and gathering an enormous variety of resources. You can make products by hand or through a workshop, and the creations are then automatically sold for Seafarer’s Cowries, one of the two currencies that are specific to this island.


Final Fantasy 14 gamers are purging their spotless new island havens of every plant and resource to fuel the machine of efficiency rather than relaxing on the beach as they were intended to.

Island Sanctuaries, a single mode where you can manage a farm, gather resources, make things, and care for animals, was added with this week’s version 6.2. You earn special XP as you explore the island and construct facilities, which you can use to advance in rank and buy rides and hairstyles (opens in new tab) for your character.

Naturally, MMO users have discovered a way to make this casual pastime a career by exchanging spreadsheets, maps, and information on spawn rates.

FF14 Island Sanctuary Clam Gathering Guide

By making more effective tools, players can access more resources to gather. By moving up the ranks at the Island Sanctuary, you can unlock recipes. One of the resources you can gather to create recipes utilised for various tasks, including constructing your bathhouse, is island clams.

The 6.2 patch for Final Fantasy XIV was released quite some time ago! In terms of material, it is one of the largest ones thus far. From brand-new Main Quests to trials, dungeons of varying level, and—most importantly—a brand-new Island Sanctuary Ever since it was announced, players have been eager for this. Players can relax, farm, catch animals, and more at the FFXIV Island Sanctuary.

It isn’t difficult to unlock, but it does take some time, just like everything else in the game. If you’ve been wondering how to open the new Island Sanctuary in FFXIV Patch 6.2, this article is for you.

FF14 Island Sanctuary Clam Tools

  • Islekeep’s Stone Hatchet – Crafting recipe unlocked during “The Coziest of Cabins”. Requires 2 Island Branches, 2 Island Stones, 3 Island Palm Leaves.
  • Islekeep’s Stone Hammer – Crafting recipe unlocked during “A Workshop of Wonders”. Requires 3 Island Stones, 2 Island Logs, 4 Island Vines.
  • Islekeep’s Shovel – Crafting recipe unlocked at Sanctuary Rank 5. Requires 3 Island Logs, 3 Island Vines, 4 Island Copper Ore.
  • Islekeep’s Copper Scythe – Crafting recipe unlocked at Sanctuary Rank 6. Requires 3 Island Logs, 3 Island Clay, 4 Island Copper Ore.
  • Islekeep’s Bronze Gig – Crafting recipe unlocked at Sanctuary Rank 7. Requires 3 Island Logs, 3 Island Copper Ore, 3 Island Tinsand, 3 Island Hemp.
  • Islekeep’s Bronze Beakaxe – Crafting recipe unlocked at Sanctuary Rank 8. Requires 3 Island Logs, 3 Island Copper Ore, 4 Island Tinsand, 3 Island Cotton Boll.

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Answered: Location: FF14 Island Sanctuary Clam Gathering Guide

Clams can only be found in the Pirate Bay on your island sanctuary. It is the beach found at around X: 15.3, Y: 10, on the northernmost side of the map.

You will need to dive to reach those resources, such as acquiring Islefish, Coral, and other things, if you’re wondering where it can be when you’re merely swimming in the water and not seeing anything.

Going underwater in Final Fantasy XIV will reveal a dozen nodes of resources, but all you need to do to find some is head for the clams. The resource nodes will resurface if you return to the beach’s green section after using a lot of them.

Gameplay Review:

The island havens of FF14 are reminiscent of what it was like to watch ferocious Animal Crossing players battle New Horizons when it first released in 2020. Early pandemic players having little else to do harvested the game that is nearly synonymous with cold.

In order to maximise their profit, people used dedicated websites and Discord servers to track turnip prices while also using the Nintendo Switch’s clock to fast-forward through the game. None of it was obviously what Nintendo intended, but everyone still did it.

Editor’s Final Thoughts

It’s time to have some fun on the farm because there are a tonne of unique awards and stuff that can only be obtained from Island Sanctuary, including some lovely mandragora horses. Everything you require to know has been covered in this manual, let us know if you want to know any more details or have any queries in the comment section.

Stay tuned for more games!

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