Best Solutions to Elden Ring Unable to Summon Cooperator (Updated 2023)

Stuck in the game and looking for the best Elden Ring Unable to Summon Cooperator guide? If you’ve ever taken part in merry cooperation in a Souls game, you know that player connections may occasionally be anything but fantastic. Undoubtedly, you have encountered the problem message “Unable to summon a cooperator” when attempting to summon players to assist you in defeating a boss. Read on to find out what this implies and how to repair it.

One of two things can happen if you are unable to summon a cooperator: either your connection with the person is shaky, or—more likely—the player was first summoned by another player. Peer-to-peer connections are essential for the style of multiplayer that has made the Souls series famous; in this mode, one player “hosts” the other players in their realm. This means that strange game behaviour may occur as a result of a poor connection from the host player or a disconnect from the host to one of the phantom players.


An inevitable culmination in Miyazaki’s legacy is Elden Ring. It’s this enormous, sweeping behemoth that basically takes inspiration from every previous FromSoftware project. The game is Dark Souls meets Breath of the Wild, and I apologise in advance for stating that. Even if I don’t always sure where I’m going or what I’m doing, the experience isn’t so overwhelming that I become lost in all the options and systems. Elden Ring is a comprehensive package nicely wrapped in the anticipated ambiguity of conventional FromSoftware design, gently nudging you in the direction of interesting stuff while yet offering little opposition should you prefer to make your own route.

However, Elden Ring is not the monster that both fans and critics have painted it and its predecessors as being. The new, open-world design seems like a deliberate choice by FromSoftware to give anyone who were turned off by earlier Souls games—many of which were much more linear than Elden Ring—a fig leaf. For example, getting stuck on a boss in Dark Souls or Bloodborne frequently required repeatedly crashing into the same brick wall before bloodied and bruised, whereas the Lands Between provide considerably more to see and do.

You can spend dozens of hours exploring the areas outside of the first big dungeon and its boss’ skill check, acquiring loot, and levelling up until you’re powerful enough to easily defeat Godrick the Grafted. If you’ve had enough of his crap, you can even skip the stronghold entirely. This is a good option if you want to see what the rest of the game has to offer.

Elden Ring Unable to Summon Cooperator

It doesn’t hurt to have some company when you’re exploring Elden Ring’s universe. You might need the extra assistance to take down a powerful enemy because the game can be extremely brutal at times, or perhaps you want to let someone know that you care for the beloved Pope Turtle.

However, you can encounter a problem if you try to involve a buddy in the conflict. Sometimes these things are unavoidable because it’s difficult to create a game this big without making a few mistakes along the way. You can return to the world without encountering these significant problems by following our tutorial, which outlines a few simple and effective techniques to address this. Here are a couple solutions to the Elden Ring’s Summon Cooperator Error!

Before implementing the solutions, you should not face any connection error otherwise the solutions would not work.

4 Solutions to Elden Ring Unable to Summon Cooperator

Bandai Namco servers are down

If the servers are down, the players’ only option is to wait for them to come back up. To stay updated, keep monitoring the official Twitter account.

LAN is down or slow

Obviously, a player won’t be able to connect to matchmaking if their internet is down. On the other hand, users of extremely slow internet may discover that their requests to make summon signs time out. If so, try to halt any downloads or other network data usage and see if that resolves the problem.

Game version mismatch

If the game’s version is incorrect, players will typically not be able to use the online feature at all. It’s feasible, nevertheless, that a version mismatch could obstruct online operation without alerting the player in advance.

Misconfigured router

It’s likely that the game won’t be able to order the ports required to construct a summon sign if a player’s router is set up to strictly block traffic entering and leaving the network. Check to see if UPnP is activated or if the right ports are being routed.

Editor’s Final Thoughts:

The key to extending your invitation is to make sure that open communication is possible and that servers are up, since if either of these are not currently happening, you could encounter trouble. Having someone along for the voyage is a terrific method for novice players, as well as seasoned pros, to have more fun in the world because you’ll need all the aid you can get in this gruelling game.

Stay tuned for more games!

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