Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK v4.40.5 for Free on Android (No Verification Required)

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Dragon Ball z Kakarot apk

Dragon Ball z Kakarot apk for android is an Action Role play game published by Bandai Namco in collaboration with the developer CyberConnect2.The game is part of the famous Dragon ball z series, it was initially launched on windows, Xbox and playstation. After it became a hit it was released for android as well as iOS.

As we all have seen or at least heard about the famous dragon ball z series this game has a similar storyline filled with action and fighting. You get to play as a character from the dragon ball z series.

About the game

The game has a level based or you can say a saga based story line inspired by the dragon ball z. There are several sages to play like Saiyan saga, Frieza Saga, Cell Saga, Majin Buu Saga.

The games feature around 20 different playable characters, you can play with any of them but you need to unlock them first. To progress in the game you need to complete certain tasks. Remember making progress in the game also enhance your skills.

Details of the game

Original Name Dragon Ball z Kakarot apk
Category Fighting,Action
Version ******
Size ******
Price Free  (includes in-app purchases)
Requirements Android 4.4 or higher

Features of the Game

Let’s have a look on the amazing feature this game offers:

  • The Dragon Ball z Kakarot apk has some Impressive fighting mechanics. The games has various types of attacks that you can combine to defeat your opponent. The ui is also very responsive so there is no touch delay during attacks. The most popular attacks are Ki Charge,4 types of Combo attacks, Super Attack, Ultimate Attack, Instant Transmission Power, Beam struggle Attack, Blow exchange Attack.
  • The game has a variety of character to play from, apart from this the game also has some amazing character forms for the Dragon ball z characters. The popular characters with forms combinations are:
    • Goku with Base, SSJ, and SSJ3 forms.
    • Vegeta With SSJ and Majin Forms.
    • Cell with Base and Perfect form.
    • Teen Gohan with SSJ and SSJ2.
    • Ultimate Gohan.
    • Future Trunks Armor with SSJ and SSJ2.
    • Kid Buu and Majin Buu.
  • Although the game offers action filled multiplayer fights, it also has the offline mode for players with no internet. The offline mode is also great you get to play against the Ai controlled opponents. They are randomly chosen from the in-game characters other than your own character.
  • The best feature of the game is the training mode. It allows you to practise and enhance your skills offline. You can get to know the character well and sync with its playing styles easily. Train yourself well before taking part in multiplayer battles.

System Requirements:

  • The game requires Android version 4.4 or higher
  • Minimum device ram should be 1GB(2GB+ is recommended)
  • Minimum storage space should be 100MB

How to Download Dragon Ball z Kakarot  android?

  • Click on the download button, it will automatically redirect you to the download page , it will detect the version of Dragon Ball z Kakarot  android supported by your device.
  • Wait for 20 seconds, once the versions supported by your device are generated, click on the download button adjacent to the most suitable version for your device.
  • After clicking on the download button ,wait for some time, Dragon Ball z Kakarot  android will begin.

How to install Dragon Ball z Kakarot  Android?

  • Firstly. Go to setting of your android device
  • Go to the android security section
  • Check or enable the “Allow installation from unknown sources option” within the security option.
  • Once this is done, go to the downloaded apk file and install.
  • Play Dragon Ball z Kakarot  android game on your device.

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Gameplay Images

dragon ball z kakarot android
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot APK

Editor’s Final Thoughts:

The Dragon Ball z Kakarot android Apk is a great game to play for fighting games lovers. The game can be installed on android device directly or can be played on PS emulators available of android.

The highlights of the game as we discussed are the realistic mechanics and the Variety of characters offered by the game.. Indeed Dragon Ball z Kakarot  android is a must try game for you. So what are you waiting for ? Download the Dragon Ball z Kakarot android now!


Q.Is Dragon Ball z Kakarot android Apk  free to play?

Yes, Dragon Ball z Kakarot  android is free to play

Q. Does Dragon Ball z Kakarot  android require an internet connection?

No, Dragon Ball z Kakarot Apk for android does not  require an internet connection.

Q. How to download Dragon Ball z Kakarot  android?

The steps to download Dragon Ball z Kakarot  android are mentioned in the article.

Q. How to play Dragon Ball z Kakarot android ?

Download the game on your android and play the game.

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