For The Legends: Clash Royale Best Arena 14 Decks (Awesome Elixir Costs)

You will be only one arena away from finishing when you unlock arena 14! New cards like the Fireworks, which is now quite popular, the Executioner, and the Woodcutter are available in the Mount of Serenity.

The Royal Giant and the Mega Knight will be in the decks we are going to show you, and the second deck will be an Arc X deck. Despite using different mechanisms, they both operate really well.

In 2022, what will be the top Arena 14 deck for Clash Royale? In June 2021, Supercell released a huge update to Clash Royale that added two brand-new Arena Rascals Hideout and Serenity Peak. This guide includes a list of all the well-known Clash Royale decks that prominent YouTubers and professional players like Sirtag, Orange Juice, and others utilise. Find out more here: Clash Royale Champions Challenge Deck

Clash Royale Best Arena 14 Decks

You may have noticed a lot of players using Hog, Pekka Deck, and Rascals Cannon Cart Decks in the metagame because they are so popular in Arena 14. I suggest that you choose just decks that go with your playing style.

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Because of the kinds of cards that can be unlocked there, The Serene Peak, commonly known as Arena 14, is one of the highest and most difficult stages in Clash Royale. Of course, you’ll run into a variety of adversaries here, each with a different deck designed for the situation. In fact, some of them might surprise you because there’s a chance they’ll know how to react to your strategies.

Undoubtedly, it is a highly complex cosmos, but it is something that must be learned in order to ultimately reach the game’s central point, Arenas. If you feel that you are having trouble during this phase, it’s probable that you have not managed your decks correctly.

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Gameplay Review: Clash Royale Best Arena 14 Decks

Clash Royale still leaves a lasting impression on gamers worldwide despite being available for a considerable amount of time because to its appealing gameplay and distinctive highlight. This is a product developed by Supercell, a publisher that has established itself through a variety of offerings, most notably the unforeseen success of Clash of Clans.

The next big name to bring success to this relatively new publisher is anticipated to be Clash Royale. And when it reached more than 100 million instals on Google Play to date, it made some progress. In essence, you’ll enter a sizable arena to demonstrate your strategic prowess against all foes. The inclusion of well-known Clash of Clans characters will undoubtedly make the game feel more engaging. The size of this game’s download is not very large. Therefore, it will be a perfect fit for devices with a reasonable configuration.

Deck 1

Due to its lack of intricate mechanics, this deck is incredibly simple to operate. In case the opponent goes first, start by positioning your Princess behind the king’s tower. Place your Prince in the map’s backdrop for your push, and when he crosses the bridge, fire your Goblin Barrel. This combination is also ideal with the Royal Giant.

The remainder of your cards can be used to support the defence of your towers. The Mega Knight can be used to launch a successful counterattack in addition to protecting you from tanks. Along with the Blowgun Goblin, the Skeleton Army makes for an excellent defence.

Deck 2

Due to the fact that your entire assault will be made up of your Arc X, this deck employs a unique mechanism. To attack, position your Arc X on the map so that it meets the tower on the other side. Then, set your Telsa to defend it right away. The objective is to protect your Arc X so that it deals the most damage possible.

In order to have as much Arc X as possible for it to deal damage, the Skeletons are included in the deck to rotate and cycle it.

Deck 3

The other cards all have the potential to defend you from different strategies, while the Knight, Graveyard, and Skeletal Dragons will be in charge of steadily destroying the enemy’s towers. Ideally, when playing this deck, you should make careful decisions because your main advantage is that the units you have chosen to guard you so well will allow you to move slowly towards the opponent’s zone.

Goblin Hut.
Skeletal Dragons.

Deck 4

Lava Hound.
Mega henchman.
Ball of fire.
Bombastic Balloon.
Skeletal Dragons.

This deck offers adaptability and strong performance from all of the cards, but it will only function for you if you thoroughly understand the cards that make it up. Plan your approach based on the goal you have; the elixir cost is 4.1.

Ending Note On Clash Royale Best Arena 14 Decks

Players find Clash Royale to be incredibly appealing due to its strategic gameplay and extensive customizability. You can download the game and take pleasure in making the most precise assessments depending on each person’s feelings. Clash Royale will be a perfect fit if you enjoy playing old-school strategy games. Through each most recent update, the game has been improved, promising to leave gamers satisfied.

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